Ready, Set, your Budget: The Finish!

Female runner finishing a race

You’re done! You may be mentally exhausted, but now you’ve got a great tool for managing your business next year. If this is the first time you’ve set a budget for your business, you may want to take some time to review your budget one last time. Are your revenue figures achievable? Have you forgotten any expenses? Do you need to make any adjustments between now and the end of the year to hit your budgeted figures?

Take some time this week to go over your budget and review the process. Review your plan for how you will manage your budget and review each month. Enter your budgeted figures into your financial software so that you’ll be able to run budget reports next year. Make notes for yourself on why you set the figures you did so that you can evaluate your results and why you hit or don’t hit your budget. These notes will also help you during next year’s budget process.

Congratulations! You have crossed the finish line. Your budget is complete!


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