2015: Setting Your Plan


Happy New Year! If you’re like many, today marks the start of the new year for your business. Are you ready to rock it? If you’re looking for this year to be your best yet, do you have a plan? Have you set your goals? If you’re hoping to have your best year ever, yet you’ve got no plan, it’s going to prove difficult to make it happen. Take some time this first week of the year to set your goals and make your plan for the year. Here are 5 tips to help you get started.

#1: Book your calendar

  • Set a block of time on your calendar THIS week to work on your 2015 Plan.
  • Select a day/time each week to review your progress and work your plan.

#2: Set your 5 most important goals for 2015

  • Do you need to hire a key team member?
  • Do you have a plan to get rid of your debt?
  • Is there a process that needs to be fixed?
  • Are you going to launch a new marketing program?
  • What are your sales goals?

#3: Each month, set a mini-goal for each of your 5 most important goals.

  • Write your job description/Key Results Areas (KRAs) for your key employee.
  • Set a budget to determine how much cash you have available for debt service.
  • Review new software that may help fix the process your are revamping.
  • Meet with your marketing team to set out the plans for the new marketing program.
  • Determine your new customer acquisition rate you need to hit your sales goals.

#4: Track your Progress!

  • In your weekly goal review meeting (calendar timeslot you set previously), track where you’re at with each of your monthly goals.
  • If you’re lagging behind in your goals for the month, set a goal for the next week to help get you back on track.
  • Share your progress with your team.

#5: Keep it up – All year long!

  • Each month, you’ll set a new mini-goal to help you meet your annual goals. If you hit one of your goals before the end of the year, turn your focus to your other goals. Or, set a new goal. (Hint: If you hit your annual sales goal by June, please set a new goal!).
  • Keep your calendar appointments. Don’t let your intensity wane come February.
  • If you start to lose focus, re-set your goals for the year. It’s ok if you need to adjust. Circumstances will continually change. Be flexible, but don’t abandon your plan or your goals.

You have 52 weeks to make this your best year ever. Think 52 pages in a 2015 book. Today, you’re opening the first page. What’s your story?

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